Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hawaii is 2012

We've heard confirmation that Hawaii Allegiant Flights on the Boeing 757 will indeed be this coming year (2012). 
Allegiant 757 in LAS (Flickr)

Currently the Allegiant 757 Aircraft are flying LAS (Las Vegas) routes from TYS (Knoxville, TN) & LEX (Lexington, KY). While load factors for both flights are doing well, we can only imagine that this is simply filler to obtain ETOPS certification. Once ETOPS certification has been obtained these flights will likely disappear to make way for Hawaii service from the West Coast. 

Hawaii from Phoenix-Mesa (IWA) on Allegiant?
Direct Hawaii service from Phoenix?
- Photo from Flickr
As a side note, Allegiant has recently begun putting the "puzzle pieces" together with their link network. By now linking IWA (Phoenix-Mesa) to LAS (Las Vegas), along with IWA and SFO (San Francisco), we could see 757 service originating from IWA potentially. This is purely speculation but is starting to make sense as time goes by. 

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