Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where will N902NV be flying to?

Well it's been confirmed. Dan from confirms that Allegiant will be using only 1 757 domestically this summer. That aircraft is the one currently at Paine Field. It's interesting to read the unverified comment from a viewer of his site to his post:

"N902NV is a hunk of junk. I engineered several repairs on that acft and it was a corrosion nightmare. The left winglet is barely installed w/in limits (good by 0.001″ on the shimming). Allegiant can even fly the aircraft out of Paine Field. It hasn’t even received certification for it yet. As well has still failed include the 757 into its maintenance program." -757Engineer

Is there anything we can gather that would be credible from this post? Well it does appear that the poster is someone who has worked on this aircraft at Boeing Field. 

Is this anything that Allegiant should be worried about? As Allegiant noted in their Investor Presentation, they will only be using one 757 aircraft Domestically. What could be a worry for G4 is if 902NV is indeed a problematic aircraft, they won't have a spare aircraft lined up that could match the capacity of the 757.

While it is agreeable that basing this off of a web comment can be a bit far fetched, it's really not too far off track. Anyone in the Aviation Industry, especially mechanics, will tell you that there are just some aircraft that are problematic. 

Food for thought at least!